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What is Pawspot – pet toilet ?


Pawspot is pet loo with flush system for dags, cats and any pet which can climb onto it. The height of pawspot is less than 4.5 inches from the ground (can be increased to 5.5 inches with height adjusters). It's made of sturdy aluminium frame which lasts a lifetime, corrosion free and usable indoor/ outdoor. It is covered by artificial grass mat which shall last several years. It is finished with powder coating paint which is tougher and smoother than normal paint. It can handle upto 60 kgs of distributed body weight.


Who can use this product?


When you leave your pet at home for sometime, stay in high rise apartments, in extreme weather like heat/ rain/snow, if you have a garden/ porch but you don't want your pet to pee and poop everywhere. Pawspot is also helpful for the elderly, disabled, or injured pet owners. Pawspot is also ideal for pet-related professionals like groomers, pet sitters, vets, resorts etc. Pawspot is not a replacement for daily pet walks.


How does the flush system work. Where does the waste water go?


The flush system works with a water hose connected to a tap and then to the water inlet of the pawspot. When you put the tap on the flush will work and clean the grass on top of pawspot. The artificial grass is specially designed with extra holes for better percolation of waste water. The waste water goes into the waste pipe through the drainage system. The waste pipe needs to be connected to a drain where the waste water will be dumped. Please keep the water pressure low so that the water does not flow out of the pawspot.


What is the use of automatic water timer? How to connect it?


The automatic water timer can store upto 8 programs for automating the flushing. It shall release water at the time set by you for desired intervals for e.g. every 3 hours for duration which you set like 2-3 mins. It has to be connected to the water source and the water hose going to the water inlet of pawspot. Adjust the pressure released from tap by first putting the timer on manual setting. See that the water does not spill out of the pawspot with extra pressure.


Does the flush work without the timer as well?


Absolutely, the flush shall work when you put the tap on. Timer is to automate the process so that you don’t have to manually release water every time.


Does the water timer need electricity connection?


Gladly no, the timer works on 2 AAA size batteries which shall last around 30 days.


What do I do with the poop?


Poop is easier to handle than pee. It's easy to remove it (pee can't be picked up). Also, poop stops smelling after a while (not like pee which becomes worse over time). You need to pickup the poop - usually once a day in enough. Using a scooper, waste bag or newspaper, you can easily pick it up and dispose it. There are no poop traces left behind on the artificial grass.


My pet had liquid poop. What about that?


If your pet had liquid poop, then don't pick it up but just use a water hose to flush the liquid poop through the grass - small sediments will flush through the grass' drain holes.


I do not have a water connection where I want to keep pawspot. What to do?


We have a model without the flush but the drainage system is still there. You can use a watering can to manually pour water over it and the waste water passes through the pipe into the connected drain.


What is artificial grass made of and does it stain?


It is made of sturdy synthetic material with hard rubber lining underneath. It has several uses outdoor/ indoor, door mat, lawn, foot mat and it does not stain.


When does the artificial grass need replacement?


Artificial grass is long lasting. Deep clean it once a week with any cleaning agent which does not react with plastic or rubber and it will last forever. Nonetheless, replacement grass mats are available with us.


My pet likes natural grass. Can pawspot be used with natural grass?

Yes it can be used with natural grass. The sod or the grass patch will have to be changed in every 2 weeks as the grass will eventually die out without the soil.

What about shipping?


We have designed the Pawspot to keep it light yet sturdy, which is around 3-5 kgs and are shipping across India and internationally using best, yet economical courier partners. Our packing is done keeping in mind that the product does not get damaged.

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